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Norsystec Nohra-System-Technik GmbH

Osterode a. Harz

KKT Frölich Kautschuk-Kunststoff-Technik GmbH & Elastica GmbH


We provide leading technical experience and expertise from initial enquiry to development and production, to project completion and delivery of:

Silicone, Rubber, and Fluorine Rubber o applied development and sampling of compounds o manufacture molded parts, plates, and extruded parts o rubber metal compounds/plastic compounds o production on machines with a clamping force of 50 tons up to 500 tons Thermoplastic Parts o 1K-3K of various combinations o micro-injection molding to production on machines with a clamping force of 1,200 tons o 0.5- 2,800 grams/part optical components (exposed coatings: smooth, grain structure, or varnish) multi-component assemblies in the system network printing/ varnishing/ / electroplating of optical components and silicone moldings processing of leather products assembly of cable sets as well as electronic assemblies establish and implement laboratory and test centers research and development (i.e. Moldflow analysis) We provide innovative processing techniques and processing methods including automated painting, handling machines, and multi-component manufacturing. We are proud of our history. Since our establishment in 1932 in the lovely village of Lerbach, a district of Osterode, KKT Group have grown an internationally operating company. At KKT, we produce customized rubber products for a lot of different industries, e.g. automotive industry. A global orientation provides for our customer needs. Extensive certification as well as a structured and process oriented approach is our understanding of a professional pursuit.
LATEST NEWS Norsystec is celebrating its 10 th anniversary Norsystec – Nohra Systemtechnik, specialist for large plastic parts and components for the automotive industry is celebrating its 10th anniversary with representatives of all KKT sites to review the success story of its Thuringian origin.




KKT Pressig Kautschuk-Kunststoff-Technik GmbH
Local Expertise – Worldwide We at KKT Group offer global coverage of know-how!
The main focus of KKT Frölich Kautschuk- Kunststoff-Technik GmbH is on the production of rubber and silicone parts, including the joint development in formation phase of the final product. Construction of manufacturing tools will be coordinated with our customers and highly qualified toolmakers. Reliability of production processes as well as durability in meeting tolerances have an impact on construction. More….. Elastica GmbH is the successor of Gummiwerk Ernst Frölich, the origin of KKT Group, a compound producer of rubber specialities. We are an accredited development partner for compound processors as well as for final customers. Recipes are customized with regard to individual application; it is a mutual cooperation - from the original idea to serial production. We are able to convert processing of small quantities (laboratory lots) to various delivery methods.
We produce plastic parts on state-of-the-art injection molding machines for the automotive industry. Assembly processes are implemented on machines, or assembled to complete components in the in-house assembly department. We provide just in time production and delivery to the customers. New products are developed in our R&D department. Customer design requests with regard to construction of plastic parts as well as complex components are implemented on CAD programs. In order to meet even the highest customer requirements, our quality assurance department controls the quality of our products (according to the highest possible standards). Starting with first inspection of new items up to serial inspection.
Pressig was established in upper Franconia in 1971, being a small tool manufacturer with a work force of five. In the late 1970th, plastics injection molding specializing in connectors and multi- component parts was added. Over the years, Pressig has expanded even further. Currently, we have 30 injection molding machines with a clamping force of 25 to 200 tons, and a fully equipped tool shop which primarily produces tools for its in-house plastics manufacturing. After the turn of the millennium, Pressig has developed plastic parts replacing metal components, and has extended its product range with micro-connectors. Our most valuable customers are the automotive, electronics as well as furniture industry.
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