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You are looking for a company which offers you more ? With   the   KKT   Group   you   have   found   what   you   are   looking   for.   As   one   of   the   market leaders   in   the   rubber,   plastic   and   silicone   processing   industry,   we   offer   a   variety   of career   prospects   to   ambitious   and   committed   people   with   a   global   orientation.   If   you are   a   person   who   follows   their   goals   with   enthusiasm   and   passion   and   like   us   has high   standards,   you   will   find   yourself   in   exactly   the   right   environment   to   develop   your talents to the full. Read   the   following   pages   to   see   what   is   sp ecial about   the   KKT   Group   and   which   openings   there are     for     you     currently.     We     are     aware     that information    in    written    form    is    never    able    to convey    the    complete    picture    and    therefore    we would   be   pleased   if   you   would   also   contact   us personally. Contact person is Frau Susanne Dörnte on +49 5522 5091-0 or at
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