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Training at KKT We   take   the   training   of   young   people   very   seriously.   Our   commitment begins   early.   We   work   closely   with   the   secondary   school   in   Hattorf   within the framework of school projects in the district of Osterode. We   won   the Training   Cup   for   the   above   average   exam   results   of   our ca.   35   trainees   and   apprentices   in   eight   different   types   of   vocational training. Every   trainee   or   apprentice   has   his   own   experienced   and   personal   mentor,   who has   also   usually   done   his   training   with   us   and   hence   has   the   respective   work expe rience. Parallel   to   this   training   programme,   it   is   also   possible   to opt   for   a   dual   form   of   vocational   training.   The   general aim   of   our   training   programmes   is   to   train   and   then permanently   employ   our   trainees   and   apprentices   as skilled   workers   and   later   also   as   managers   within   the group! On    the    left    you    will    find    a    report    in    the Kornmagazin   written   by   Uwe   Lowin   i n   October 2012
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