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KKT Group Products The KKT Group offers you a wide variety of products and services on accordance with their motto The   company   within   the   Group   responsible   for   you   will   depend   on   your   main requirements.   Your   enquiry   via   our   contact   form   will   be   processed   and   your contact person will get in touch with you without delay. Rubber and fluororubber compounds We   provide   you   with   the   right   compound   and   the   optimal   solution   for your   application. All   the   following   aspects   are   taken   into   account   when choosing   the   right   compound:   chemical   and   temperature   resistance, skin   tolerance,   colour,   hardness,   module   values   and   certification   in   the different areas, Moulded rubber and silicone parts We   shape   your   compound.   We   manufacture   parts   ranging   from   the smallest   quantities   to   standard   serial   production   and   from   the   thinnest membrane   to   products   weighing   several   kilos:   all   this   at   our   plants   in Germany.   We   cover   the   entire   value   chain   from   the   concept   of   the product   and   design   of   the   tools   to   serial   production   and   delivery.   High quality    standards    combined    with    100%    and    individual    inspections ensure a consistently high supply guarantee. Thermoplast Functional    parts    and    visible    parts,    especially    for    the    automotive industry,   are   manufactured   to   meet   the   highest   quality   requirements. We   print   onto   visual   and   also   transparent   parts   with   utmost   precision. Our products range from small parts to large parts for car boot linings Leather Fine   leather   combined   with   plastic   components   result   in   high   quality interior components for the automotive industry. Extrusions We     produce     gaskets     and     seals     from     silicone     with     individual geometries   for   all   industrial   sectors.   Our   extrusions   are   used   mainly   in the   aerospace   sector.   We   ensure   that   the   high   requirements   regarding precision and dimensions are met on a daily basis. Injection moulds In our tooling workshop we produce high precision moulds for the manufacture of moulded products.
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