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Development, design and production of complex injection moulding tools Plastic injection moulding of one and two component parts. Production   of   technically   very   sophisticated   plug   connectors   and   functional   parts   for the automotive industry. Plug   connectors:   the   percentage   of   electronics   and   electrical   devices   in   a   car   has   greatly   increased   and   will   continue   to   do so.   There   would   be   technical   failures   and   breakdowns   if   it   were   not   for   the   reliable   interconnection   of   systems   via   cables   and the   respective   plug   connectors.   KKT   plug   connectors   are   to   be   found   in   all   German   cars   and   in   most   of   the   cars   produced   by other European manufacturers. Small   and   very   small   parts:   utmost   precision   -   yet   produced   in   millions.   Plug   connectors   are   also   required   for   navigation   and telecommunication systems. Very small plastic parts made by KKT are used for such applications. Functional   parts:   weight   and   cost   reduction   of   technically   sophisticated   components   are   an   important   issue   in   the   automotive industry.   The   replacement   of   parts   and   assembly   modules   made   of   metal   by   parts   from   highly   specialised   plastics   plays   an important role here. Multi   component   parts:   when   the   technical   characteristics   of   a   single   material   are   not   sufficient,   several   can   be   combined   in KKT’s fully automatic production. Possible options are plastic-plastic, plastic-silicone; plastic-metal.
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