Norsystec Nohra - System - Technik GmbH In   2008   Norsystec   GmbH,   Nohra-System-Technik,   was   founded   as   a   wholly   owned   subsidiary   of   KKT   Holding   GmbH   with its headquarters in Osterode am Harz. Currently   we   employ   about   85   employees,   7   of   whom   are   being   trained   as   process   engineers   for   plastic   and   rubber technology,   skilled   staff   for   warehouse   logistics   and   office   administrators   in   order   that   we   will   also   have   skilled   staff   in   the future. We train employees! Plastic   parts   for   the   automotive   industry   are   produced   on   the   modern   injection   moulding   machines.   Further   assembly processing is carried out by machines and the completion of modules in our own assembly department. Just in time production and delivery to customers. New   products   are   developed   in   our   own   Development   Department,   where   our   customers’   requirements   as   regards   plastic parts and complex modules are met using CAD programs. In   order   to   achieve   the   high   requirements   of   our   customers,   the   quality   of   our   products   is   monitored   by   modern   quality control systems which begin at the initial sample stage of new products and continue in serial production. Norsystec   began   as   a   small   injection   moulding   company   but   very   soon   developed   into   an   expert   partner   for   system solutions   in   the   automotive   industry   and   coupled   with   its   dedicated   workforce   and   good   perspectives   can   look   forward tofurther success in the future.
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