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Welcome to the KKT Group! The   KKT   Group   offers   a   broad   range   of   expertise   from   product   development and production to completion of the finished product and delivery: Silicone, rubber and fluororubber o Application-oriented development and production of samples o Production of mouldings, sheets and extrusions o Rubber-metal/ plastic parts o Production   on   machines   with   a   clamping   force   of   between   50 and 500 tonnes Thermoplastic parts o A wide variety of one, two or three component parts o Micro     injection     moulding     production     on     machines     with     a clamping force of up to 1,200 tonnes o 0.5 – 2,800g parts Optical components (visible - with a smooth/textured finish or painted) Multi component modules in an integrated system Printing/Painting/Galvanising     of     optical     components     and     silicone mouldings Processing of leather parts Assembly of cable sets and electronic modules Setting up and running of laboratory and testing centres Research and development (amongst others with Moldflow analysis) Innovative   finishing   and   processing   round   off   our   range   of   expertise.   This includes   an   automatic   paint   spraying   unit,   automated   process   systems   and multi-component production. What   began   in   1932   in   the   pretty   village   of   Lerbach,   part   of   the   town   of Osterode,   is   now   an   international   oriented   company   with   a   wide   range   of activities. In   addition   to   the   automotive   industry,   we   supply   well-known   customers   in other   industrial   sectors.   On   account   of   our   global   orientation,   we   are   able   to meet   all   the   requirements   of   our   customers.   Extensive   certification   combined with    structured    and    process    oriented    production    form    the    basis    of    our operations. You will find more detailed information on the following pages.
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