KKT Frölich Kautschuk - Kunststoff - Technik GmbH At   KKT   Frölich   the   focus   of   production   is   rubber   and   silicone   parts,   which   also   includes   the   joint   development   of   the   end product   in   the   initial   phase.   We   work   closely   with   our   customers   and   our   specialised   toolmakers   concerning   production   tools. The design is characterised by its process reliability in subsequent production and long-life cycle compliance with tolerances. In   our   in   production   in   Osterode/Lerbach   we   use   the   latest   injection   moulding   machines   with   a   clamping   force   of   several hundred   tonnes.   Our   production   machinery   includes   presses   for   use   in   the   compression   moulding   (CM)   and   transfer   moulding process   (TM/ITM).   Cleanroom   production   also   a   daily   occurrence.   Besides   the   production   of   rubber-silicone   parts,   we manufacture rubber-metal parts, extrusions and sheets. Deflashing   is   carried   out   by   means   of   a   modern   cryogenic   deflashing   unit   and/or   manually   depending   on   the   geometry   of   the finished   product.   Lastly,   a   final   inspection   ensures   that   the   products   that   are   delivered   are   of   a   consistently   high   quality.   We are   able   to   meet   the   special   requirements   of   customers,   for   example,   100%   checks   with   a   high   voltage   testing   up   to   several 10,000 Volt. Our satisfied customers come from all areas of industry in Germany and world wide. Automotive, medical, safety, electrotechnical as well as aerospace and defence
Please send us messages and RFQ via ...and you will find us in the south of the Harz Mountains, Lower Saxony, Germany.
The following video gives you an overview of KKT Frölich.
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